Conference Theme - Transitions

The STAA Autumn Conference will be held on Saturday 17th November beginning at 10am in our usual venue at the Apex Hotel, Waterloo Place, Edinburgh.

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This year we are welcoming two excellent keynote speakers, Sandra Wilson and Andy Williams.

We have our usual programme of 6 morning and afternoon workshops with the following titles & presenters


Transitioning from seeing individuals to working with couples - Jeanie Miller

TA offers a wonderful set of tools and theories in which to work with couples. In this workshop we will explore the boundaries that could be holding you back from undertaking this fascinating work. Let us discover what might be real boundaries and how to deal with them and what may be fantasy.


From Repression to Expression in the transition to an erotic transference/countertransference relationship - Ray Little

In this workshop we will examine what we understand by the erotic. We will address the nature of erotic therapeutic relationship: transference-countertransference matrix. We will explore how these processes might be transformative or become problematic, examining the difficulties and pitfalls. We will also explore the nature of the therapeutic action that might be transformative.


The Illusion of Connectedness - Ronen Stilman & Bev Gibbons

We invite participants to join us on an exploration of the new era of virtual connection that we as practitioners continue to transition into. What is connectedness? And how does technology affect our sense of it? The workshop will be co-creative, experiential and discussion-based, which will also present some ideas, about how we can make meaning of, and think about this subject theoretically


Navigating the Digital Transition - Digital Threats & Opportunities in Counselling - Bob Hunter

The presentation is aimed at participants either in, or intending to enter private practice and third sector practice managers. The presentation will increase participant’s awareness and ability to make informed decisions around confidentiality when using internet connected devices and the different approach needed to market effectively online. No technical knowledge required.


Transition - Loss & Grief - Sheila Beare

Grief is an inherent part of Transition, Change and Loss. In this workshop we will consider together the experience of grief; how we might Discount and interrupt grief; how grief is a dynamic process which in itself is transitional; how we may or may not tolerate grief; and how we account for our own and our client’s grief.


The Gift of Transitions in Therapeutic Work - Salma Siddique

This workshop will encounter Marcel Mauss’s seminal anthropological text ‘The Gift’. To explore how meaning is made of obligations to give, to receive operates as a system of exchange to (re)create relationships that can build or break social connections and maintain relationships. 

To examine the cultural and psychological aspects of transition and reciprocity phenomena in therapeutic work. The workshop offers the following reflexive questions. How does the work of cultural reciprocity textures transactional therapy? Is there a recognisable working through rites-of-passage rituals for offer a marking of transitions across space and through time; distinguish life stages, initiation, mediate transitions in status of the client within a given cultural moment? Can the therapist’s repetitive, formalised actions; use of beliefs, symbols and interpretations make for a lived experience sacred or profane?

Reference :Mauss, M., 2002. The gift: The form and reason for exchange in archaic societies. Routledge


The conference fee is £60 for members, £75 for non-members. Pre-Diploma trainees and undergraduate students pay only £33.

As well as the 6 hours of certified CPD the conference fee also includes a buffet lunch and pre-registration tea/coffee and snacks. 

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